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Let's talk about what you can expect at Hair Embers

We are proud to offer an elevated salon experience in Columbus NE. Each experience includes an extended consultation, ability to upgrade treatments, expert education and professional product recommendations to perfectly complement your beauty investment.

Your Hairstylist 


Katie Hanzel


 Low-Maintenance hair obsessed

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Meet the Hairstylist

Request Your Appointment

Booking an appointment online is the most efficient and quickest way to find available times, that fit your schedule.

Are you not really sure what to book for? Hair services can be complicated, we get it, we have created 3 new guest options for you to chose from. 


Once we have received your request; you will receive a confirmation text or email, to the account you input in your Vagaro Profile.


If your preferred salon professional has any questions they will reach out to you direct and accommodate accordingly.


26 hours before your appointment you will receive appointment confirmation. Please confirm that you will be there.

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Hair Embers is located South of the tracks in Columbus, NE. The trains can be a little tricky sometimes, to be sure that you will make it to your appointment on time please keep this map in mind. There are times the trains like to stop on the tracks; our favorite way to get to the salon is to take the viaduct to ensure that you won't be stopped by a train.

Parking is located in front of the Salon.  

The Appointment

Here's what you'll enjoy:

Extended consultation -

Assorted refreshments -

Relaxing scalp massage -

Walk out beautifully styled -

Convenient restroom -


Find joy in quiet? Feel free to:

bring a book -

pop in earplugs -




The Salon

Walking through the doors of Hair Embers, you will feel an escape into a zen filled space. Bright light from the the large front windows and tall ceilings brings an openness to the salon. Hair Embers started by taking something old and making it new. Clearly, we love to recycle, so we utilize Green Circle Salon to ensure 97% of our waste is recycled and repurposed. 

Salon Polices

Salon Story

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