You have an hair appoinment


We want to let you know about a couple things.


The trains can be a little stubborn and like to stop on the tracks, our favorite way to get to the salon is to take the viaduct to ensure that you wont be stopped by a train.

Parking is located right in front of the salon, or across the street.

Masks are requaried to wear into the salon and also during your service, if you do not have one we will provide you with one.

Before your Appointment

You'll receive a text reminder 24 hours before you're visiting with an option to confirm or reschedule your visit please choose one, you will receive another reminder 4 hours before your visit. We also ask if you can fill out this                                   beforehand that would be awesome if not we will fill it out together!

We also ask that if you are coming in for a color that you come in with clean dry hair, for a better color experience.

Be Our Guest

Enjoy a hot coffee with creamer form our in-salon keurig machine or grab healthy snack form our daily selection and let our team of professionals take care of the rest. if you want to chat, we are all in! if you prefer to put headphones in and read a book, we get it! Need to work a while you're her? just bring in your laptop and we've got everything else needed to be you instant in-salon office.

Between Appointments

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Hair Embers

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Your Stylist Katie Hanzel

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Katie Hanzel

Katie is the owner of Hair Embers, she has been working as a stylist for 8 years, all in witch has been in Columbus, NE. Growing up she never thought about being a hairstylist, but it was definity her callking the second she started school. Katie is now married with 4 children and lives on a little acrage outside of Tarnov.

Things to think about

Your stylist will walk you through exactly what steps you'll need to take at home to execute the perfect color and style between appointments. This are the recommendations for our services so keep this in mind as this will be talked about .


4-12 weeks

Root-Touch ups

4 - 6 weeks


8 - 12weeks


8 - 12 week

In-Salon Treatments

Seasonal/ as needed

Want to know more about other services check out

We are so                  to see you for your appointment!


If you have any other questions or concerns call or text the salon at 402-920-1493 and we will get back to you during business hours

2409 11th Street  Columbus NE, 68601

Tel: 402-920-1493