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Styling Classes

Styling your hair does not have to be hard!

Do you struggle with styling your hair? Want to learn a simple way to curl your hair so it looks like you just left the salon? Join a class, have some fun, and be around people that share the same struggle!

Who is this for?-

Anyone that finds it hard to style their own hair.


How does the class work?

This is a hands-on class where you will be given the opportunity to style your own hair. It starts with a fresh shampoo, product application, and the right way to blow-dry your hair for the best results.

Once your hair is dry we will help you understand your tool of choice, temperature control, and how you should be handling your styling tool.


How many guests can attend a class-

There will be 4 chairs available, so grab a friend and have a night out.


How much does a class cost?

$45 per person

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

If you have a curling iron you would like to learn to use, bring that along, we can practice with that.

How long is the Class

1.5 hours


When is the class available?

Thursday nights


you can book just one person or up to four people for one calss

An Individual class will be one on one and will not be in a group setting.