Welcome! I hope you're just as excited as I am. 

I know going to a new hairstylist is like going on a first date, so with that being said, I don't want this to be like a blind date. I have my new guest booking set up to simplify the process for you. 

There are 4 service blocks to choose from and they all allow for extra time together so we really understand what it is you are looking for. 


New Guest 

Image by Candice Picard

New Guest 

Haircut   Style


60 Minutes

This is a great option for any haircut short or long, would include a hair shampoo and a blow-dry with a style . 

Using the book now feature select the service called "New Guest Haircut & Style" 


New Guest


4 hours

 Full keratin smoothing treatment, Brazilian Blow-Out, Perm.

It would also include a haircut with a blow-dry and style.

Using the book now features select the service called "New Guest Texture" 


New Guest 


New Guest 

Trend Color

2.5 Hours 

Looking to just cover the gray roots, and blend in with all the rest of the hair? This service would also include a

haircut and blow-dry with a style

Using the book now feature select the service called "New Guest Color" 


3.5  Hours 

Looking for a balayage, full highlight, color change, all-over color correction, Just something new?

This would also include a haircut along with a blow-dry and a style.

Using the book now feature select the service called "New Guest Trend Color" 



New Guest pricing is slightly different than the pricing noted on my service menu.


At your first appointment, we will need an extended visit to have a thorough consultation, create a plan for today's visit, custom blend your color and make our plan for future appointments.

All future visits will be provided at your next appointment. 

Still not sure what to book? NO problem. Just send me a message of what you're looking for and your concerns and I will review it and you'll receive a response within 24 business hours.

Salon policies, rules, and courtesies...​

In order to continue providing the best possible scheduling options to my guests, we kindly request that if you find that you must cancel or reschedule your appointment that it be taken care of 24 Hours in advance. 

Should you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment time, there is a $15 flat-rate cancellation fee. 


​Should you be 5-10 minutes late for your appointment a $10 fee will be added to your appointment. If you are more than 15 minutes late the cancelation fee will be charged and you will need to reschedule your appointment.


​I do my best to work with everyone in case of emergencies, I understand that some situations are out of our control. All Cancellation and Late fees will be applied to your next appointment.

I love kids, I have 3! That being said, a salon can be a boring and dangerous place for a child. I ask that unless your child is getting a service that you do not bring them with you. Although I am an independent artist, I work with a salon full of people. Each stylist is trying to do their best work and each client is trying to enjoy their "me" time.

My business hours are posted below, I will happily return phone calls, and emails during those hours.